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1. Thinking Outside the Box

2. Multitasking

3. Positivity
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Generally speaking, people who self-narrate are better able to maintain a positive outlook on life than those who bottle everything up inside. Negativity can shake our self-belief as we navigate life and its challenges. Positive pep-talking yourself, then, will swing you from negativity to positivity.

There is something life-affirming about self-talking and swinging your mood to a more favorable setting. Without a doubt, negative energy begets negative energy. Those who are of a positive mindset receive positive energy back and enjoy a more productive and happier life.


It is all about self-esteem and being your cheerleader. Self-talking avoids beating yourself up about stuff that you probably couldn’t control anyway. Instead, give yourself a break and provide yourself with some positive feedback. It is a significant feel-good factor and helps put matters into perspective. Life is complicated enough without occasionally putting a positive spin on your life. There is always a silver lining should you choose to look hard enough.

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